As one of Edmond, Oklahoma’s most experienced and trusted spa installation contractors, Concept Pools can help you create a relaxing space in the privacy of your backyard with one of our Highland Spas. Whether you want a hot tub for relaxation or to improve your health, we can help you reap the benefits of both. Our luxurious options range from a two to three seater model that has 36 jets to a spacious seven-seater that has nearly 90 jets. The Fun & Fitness model seats as many as 13 people and has more than 50 hydrotherapy jets. We also have options like the 360-degree foot massage, heated seats, couples love seat, interchangeable jets, waterfalls, neck massager rings, and so much more.

Concept Pools only uses ozone sanitation systems because they are maintenance free with a significantly small operating cost. We use quick cleaning filters, colored lights, durable shells, half-inch frames, and Bluetooth stereos for the ultimate in luxury, health, and rejuvenation. Highland Spas models come in a variety of colors, with easy door access available for most models. With Concept Pools, our seasoned spa installation contractors can help you make the best decision with visual representations of what your spa will look like when complete.

Call us at 405-697-8771 today for a free estimate. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about spa installation or maintenance!